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Java platform provides a system for developing application software and deploying it in a cross-platform computing environment. Java is used in a variety of computing platforms from embedded devices and mobile phones to supercomputers. There are many java tools that ease the complete process of developing, testing, and deployment in Java. Here is our top ten Java tools with their features and download links.

1. Git

Features: 2. Jenkins


3. Apache Maven:

Since we use many third-party libraries in our Java projects, managing each of those JAR files and their dependencies manually can be a complicated task. Maven solves that problem by automatically downloading JAR for you.


  • Simple project setup that follows best practices to get a new project or module started in seconds
  • Allows easy writing of plugins using Java
  • Instant access to new features with very few extra configurations
  • Ant tasks for dependency management and deployment outside of Maven
  • Release management and distribution publication
  • It encourages the use of a central repository of JARs and other dependencies
  • Versioning managed by Maven
  • Maven provides conventions
  • Extensibility, reusability
  • Better quality in deliveries
  • Less time

Features: 5. JIRA

The JIRA is an essential tool in the world of Agile development. Jira is used for bug tracking, issue tracking, and project management.

In the Agile development methodology, like- Sprint and Scrum, it allows you to create Sprint cycles and track the progress of your software development effectively.

Features: 6. JUnit: Features: 7. Gradle

Gradle introduces a Groovy-based, domain-specific language (DSL) instead of the XML used by Apache Maven to declare the project configuration, which makes it easier to configure project dependencies customize it based on your need.

It combines the best features from other build tools. It has flexibility and control of Ant, dependency management of Ivy, convention over configuration, and plugins of Maven, and, on top of that, it uses Groovy DSL on top of Ant. This makes it one of the best top ten tools for Java projects.


  • Better modeling of dependencies using the Java Library plugin reduces the size of the compile classpath
  • It comes with a remote build cache with convenient management tools
  • Gradle Wrapper allows to execute Gradle builds on machines where it is not installed
  • It supports multi-project builds and also partial builds
  • It can easily adapt to any structure
  • Its smart classpath helps to avoid unnecessary compilation when the binary interface of a library not changed

8. Ehcache: Features:

  • Ehcache strives to maintain a small footprint to keep apps as light as possible
  • Revamped API that leverages Java generics and Cache interactions
  • API is very simple and easy to use
  • Scalable to hundreds of caches
  • Allows box Spring Caching and Hibernate integration to with javax.cache support

Features: 10. Apache JMeter: Features:

  • JMeter allows performing load and performance test for various server types
  • This load testing tool store its test plans in XML format, which allows users to generate the test plan using a text editor
  • The tool can also use for automated and functional testing of the applications
  • Data analysis and visualization plugins allow extensibility as well as personalization
  • Functions should provide dynamic input to test data manipulation

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Perfomatix is your trusted technology partner for Software Product Engineering Services.

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